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Alternative hair

100% Self-confidence

Alternative hair

100% Self-confidence

Alternative hair

100% Self-confidence

Alternative hair


Alternative hair


Alternative hair

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Alternative hair


Alternative hair

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Hair replacement - The unique solution for hair loss

It was always a big dream to create a sort of “artificial scalp” into which real hair could be inserted. With ContactSkin® we have achieved exactly that. It ensures an absolutely astonishing, visually convincing connection to and with the scalp. The artificial scalp is only a few micro millimeter thick, which means a lot of skill and dexterity is required in order to insert the real hair.

A “master piece” of artificial and real hair is created – without any pain whatsoever being involved and in a matter of only two hours. Thanks to the unbelievably thin membrane, which does not shine or reflect light in an unnatural way, ContactSkin® is not visible and feels absolutely natural. The direction of growth and the way the hair that is inserted in the ContactSkin® membrane falls is indistinguishable from your own hair, this makes the system a real and viable alternative to surgical hair transplants, and definitely compared to all toupees and hair pieces available up to now.

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Application examples for full hair


ContactSkin® can be easily integrated into my everyday life. Get up, wash, blow-dry - done! It couldn't be easier.


Since I started using ContactSkin® for men, my life has turned 180 °. I finally feel free and confident again!


ContactSkin® gave me back two very important things: my old sense of self-confidence and an attractive attitude towards life once again.


No one sees it, no one knows it – and I feel like a completely new person!


An active life, going out and getting to know new people without any inhibitions – all that is finally possible for me again!


I finally have hair again, I can wear any haircut I want and the most important thing is that it looks completely real.

Application examples for receding hairlines


The specialist hair studio makes an exact template of the receding hairline that needs to be covered. ContactSkin® is then used to entirely cover the individual bald areas and in a completely naturally looking way.


ContactSkin® solved my hair problem perfectly. Without my receding hairline, I now look as young as I actually am.

Alternative hair – Your advantages at a glance


toupee alternative with comfort

It makes life attractive again – when working out, when at work, when in bed, in daily life.


hairsystem like own hair

ContactSkin® is real hair and can be easily washed, blow-dried and styled using specialized hair-care products.

4 – 6 WEEKS

perfect comfort with a toupee alternative

The comfortable disposable hair system guarantees that you will always have shiny, healthy and elastic hair. Lasts for up to 6 weeks.


hairline instead of a toupee

Thanks to the extremely thin “artificial scalp” and excellent skin compatibility, it looks and feels completely real. The extremely thin membrane allows your scalp to breathe.


second hair with secure hold

The skin compatibility of the adhesive system ensures a strong and permanent hold so you know that your hair is secure. The adhesive properties are permanently water resistant.


toupee alternative with real hair

The color is perfectly aligned to match that of your natural hair, you can choose what length your hair should be and in what direction it should fall.


the trendy toupee alternative

You visit the hairdressers at regular intervals – you can decide between the latest styling trends at each visit.


perfectly tailored hairpieces

The individual adaptation to the “size of each problem zone” makes bald spots and receding hairlines absolutely invisible – irrespective of whether they are big or small.


Your Visit to the
Alternative hair specialist

The easy and comfortable way to hair replacement

Just like others go to the hairdressers, you go to your local alternative hair specialist every four to six weeks. The visit only lasts about two hours and there is no pain involved whatsoever.

Die Technik für 30 Tage Halt

30 Tage ContactSkin®

  1. #1 Personalized advice for your exact needs
  2. #2 Cleaning of the scalp
  3. #3 Application of your exact hairpiece. Perfect alignment of where the hairpiece meets your own natural hair
  4. #4 Get the hairstyle you’ve been dreaming about for so long

Perfect care for your alternative hair

ContactSkin® hair care products have been developed in order to perfectly care for the special needs of your hair system. CREAM SHAMPOO | This special shampoo cleanses and cares for the hair implanted in the scalp membrane and the delicate scalp membrane itself. BALM CONDITIONER | Effective conditioner with deep and intensive caring effect.

Zweithaar Produktlinie für bessere Pflege des Haarteils

gfh - Gesellschaft für Haarästhetik
Your specialist for alternative hair

GFH is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and retailers of high-quality hair replacement products. As an innovative manufacturer, it is always our challenge to produce products of the very highest standards. We are specialists in using natural hair to produce individual alternative hair and our decades of experience mean that we know exactly what our customers expect and what they want.

We have studios all over Europe – Your specialist for hair replacement

Find one of our hair replacement specialists in your region.

Or contact us directly:

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  • Heinrich-Stranka-Straße 16
  • D-90765 Fürth bei Nürnberg
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  • gfh - Zweithaarstudio
  • Kapellenstraße 1
  • D-90762 Fürth bei Nürnberg
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Contact Skin® – it feels like real, like your very own hair

Please just contact us with your questions and wishes that you may have – we will be delighted to help you.